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1089 Durham Road
Pineville PA, 18946


Questions? We got the answers.

Do you take reservations?

We only accept reservations on major holidays (Christmas day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving). We do not accept reservations any other day throughout the year.

Do you have call ahead seating?

We do not take reservations, instead we have a twenty minute call ahead seating policy. Call us when you are within 20 minutes of arriving. If there is a wait at that point, your name will be added to the wait list. Once you arrive, check in at any host stand and we will let you know how much additional time, if any, you will need to wait for your table. 

Why do you have Valet Parking?

We offer COMPLIMENTARY valet parking for our guests on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as during special events and holidays. We offer this free service to our customers as a courtesy. We only have 69 parking spots, utilizing valet parking allows us to park 146 cars. 

You have a Take Out Store? 

All items are made just like you would expect to find when you dine with us. We package everything you need to dine on the go.  Our takeout store has a variety of fresh prepared foods in our display case ready to pick up in addition to our printed menu. Learn more by clicking here

Do you offer private parties? 

Whether it be a lavish wedding of 200 people, or a dinner party of 12, we can provide a wide array of choices for any occasion. Learn more by clicking here

Are you hiring?

We’re always hiring. Better yet, you can apply now by clicking here.


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