Built in the 18th century, the tavern has seen many transformations from feed mill to general store to a hotel.

In 1969, the Turner Brothers (Hugh, Jack and Joe) purchased the Pineville from Dale and Vi Eller. At the end of purchase, the bar only seated nine and offered cold sandwiches. That bar was expanded and the kitchen was renovated with the addition of grill, fryer & pizza oven. Shaffer, Schlitz and Schmidt's were the taverns main taps. 

The brothers sold the bar in 1989 to the Abruzzese's who created a proclamation to annually celebrate Turner Brothers Day. Check out the document at the Tavern and join us for the celebration on January 11th. 

Great Food. Great Friends.
Great Family.

The Pineville Tavern has built its foundation on a tradition of fresh, homemade food, a diverse menu and most importantly, the valuing of our team and their efforts to make you feel like a most valued guest.

We credit our success to the quality and character embodied in every member of our staff.  We have worked hard to create our own caring and hardworking family, to make your dining experience as comfortable, pleasurable and efficient as possible.

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